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Create A Digital Drawing In 3 Easy Steps

Start with your outline

Create a layer for your drawing outline. Take your time as the outline is the most important part of the drawing. Try and keep your lines simple and smooth.

If you make a small mistake or overextend on a line, don’t worry, the eraser is a great little tool for fixing up a little mistake. Another great tool for creating a very clean drawing is the ruler, Adobe draw provides you with both an elliptical and straight edge ruler.

When you’re finished with your outline create another layer beneath our current outline layer.

Digital Drawing

Colour in the blanks

Here we get to colour in beneath the outline that we have just drawn. This is a quick and easy step, feel free to experiment with colour variations.

Digital Drawing

Add the finer details

Time to add some shadows, highlights and other details such as eyes, spikes, and captions.

It’s these small touches that can really finish a drawing off nicely.


To watch a video of these three steps in action click here

Digital Drawing